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Tell us about your dream and we will make it come true.

vestido de novia para ser la novia ideal el día de tu Boda


Collection 2023

We present ICONIC, our 2023 collection.


The new collection mixes originality and elegance, simple and refined lines, full of freedom and embellished with details of embroidery, stones and crystal . Crepe, the undisputed protagonist, accompanies our kaftans, trains, coats made of silk chiffon and tulle, providing vaporosity, giving Icónic a Hellenic air, the undisputed hallmark of the Brand.


A very feminine and flattering line but above all, a collection that covers a wide variety of bridal styles, always betting on the Brand's characteristic stamp, 100% Made in Spain.

Vestidos de Novia personales y con mucho estilo para el día de tu Boda

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Kaftan de Fiesta


You will fall in love again with the Jose Fuentes Atelier 2023 collection from

Bride & Perfect Guest. 

We know that it is the most special day of your life, for that reason, you must feel radiant. At Jose Fuentes Atelier we know what you want and we will make the dress of your dreams come true.


Creativity, style and elegance are some of the words that define Jose Fuentes. ​


In our Haute Couture Atelier located in Aravell (Lérida), we create pieces in an artisanal way, taking care of shapes and fabrics so that they are unique and personal. ​


We firmly believe in the value of craftsmanship, which is why each of our pieces is made individually and personalized by and for the bride or guest who chooses it, and it is as exceptional as each one of them. Because no two brides are the same, nor do we want them to be, we put all our effort and affection into creating unique and special pieces. ​


The final result of our creations is the essence of who wears it, the entire design and creation process is designed so that that person evokes glamour, luxury and sophistication.


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Everything we do, we do in Spain


- Aravell, Spain - 

We create all our collections in a personalized, professional and demanding way. For this reason, we use a fully sustainable make-to-order process, the basis of our business ethics,  thus reducing environmental pollution and the carbon footprint of products, as well as contributing to creating a more socially fair trade. Creating a catalog and producing only those units that are going to be sold, or, more accurately, pre-selling them before producing them, is a way to reduce excess stock.

We use materials and fabrics of the highest quality that guarantee long-lasting garments that allow you to enjoy a design for life.

Reducing the environmental impact and promoting ethical and responsible consumption, based on the concept of slow fashion, is one of our priorities as a company within the textile sector.


Because we love fashion and we respect our planet.

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