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Payment methods

Pay by Credit / Debit Card ("VISA")

You can pay with the cards listed above. Don't worry if your company doesn't appear on the list, you can still make your purchase.

Keep in mind that JOSE FUENTES ATELIER does not record your card number or your personal information when the payment is made. If you have questions about the transactions carried out on our site, contact your banking institution for more information.

Payment With Bizum ("MANUAL PAYMENT")

Follow the instructions at the time of payment and, after selecting "MANUAL PAYMENT", it will indicate the Bizum number and you will be able to make the payment of your order comfortably from your mobile.

Payment with Bank Transfer ("MANUAL PAYMENT")

By selecting "MANUAL PAYMENT" we will indicate the instructions to make your bank transfer. The sending of your order based on the time that the banks make said transfer. Once JOSE FUENTES ATELIER receives the amount, he will proceed to send your order.

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